Hello King! It’s finally that time! 
Our Awakening the King Within course is now open for registration!
So, let’s get straight to it. You’ve learned about The Journey to the Throne and why it’s a powerful way to transform your life from mediocre, into a life of passion and purpose, fully TURNED ON! We’ve discussed the way our method will open up new insight, new women, and new opportunities, but that’s only one small way this workshop is about to light up your life. The big idea here is that you already ARE a king, you’ve just been lacking the tools for discovering that truth! And now, finally there’s a concise, potent path that’s we’ve formulated and magically tailored just for you! 

As we’ve said before: THIS JOURNEY IS FOR BRAVE MEN. We realize that may seem a bit dramatic, however, the work that we plan to guide you through is not to be taken lightly. With that said, we want to assure you that we’ve the utmost reverence for the processes we’ll invite you to enter throughout this course. You’re about to take the red pill, so-to-speak, therefore, we ask you to enact your courage and face the fear of not knowing what comes next; Pioneer this Journey and lay the road for others to travel in your stead.
If you choose to enter this work you’ll be stepping toward your own unique gifts and eventual legacy, and with that you’ll be opening a new realm!. Your kingdom awaits!

Now that you’ve decided you’re up for the challenge, here’s what we can guarantee:
You’re about to learn how to penetrate both the world and your woman with your presence and your offerings. THIS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! The work you’re about to involve yourself in is profound and magnetic, and comes with a gravity that should not be disrespected/discounted. That in mind, this Journey will adorn/grant you with the ability to uncover your own delicious way of accessing your perosnal power and attractiveness, and doing with it what you WILL! 
This may just be your catalyst or entry point to FINALLY gifting the world with YOUR ART: that blisteringly beautiful, enchanting incarnation you were born to embody! It’s waiting for you at he other end of this workshop!... And you may be thinking that that’s a lot for one workshop to offer, but we KNOW that the men who truly show up for this course will be gaining certain insights, tools, and skills that will ignite an entirely new era of MAN! 

This is why we’re were so passionate about this work,- because we know that by speaking directly to the men in our lives through our own devotion and passion, IS what WE were born to do! We LOVE men! And we want men to rise up with us and experience this full-spectrum way of living where sacrifice and service go hand-in-hand with pleasure and passion. We want to build a world where WE all get to FULLY live!

Whew! This is getting us turned on already!! ... 
So, as you might imagine, our DM’s are consistently filled with men asking us for the very advice & info that we’ll be giving away in this course, but until now, we simply didn’t have the time and energy to put together something like this. However, it was impossible to ignore this call any longer & that’s why we created Awakening the King Within for YOU! 

We truly feel a course like this can change your life and even the lives of those around you... and THIS is how TOGETHER we create a better, more loving tomorrow. 

Our Awaken the King Within workshop is a piece of our collective ART, and one of our life’s greatest achievements so we can’t wait for YOU to be a part of it.

So, here’s exactly what you’ll be getting in our course:
In call number one, we’ll break down for you, what we like to call: “the 4 TURN ON’s”, where you’ll experience how to light up those around you, including the women who you’ll attract into your sphere. We’ll share powerful exercises with you to amp up your integrity, power, and presence in relationship- wether it be in romantic or otherwise. 

In call two, we’ll work with Robert Moore’s “4 archetypes of the masculine psyche” and Carl Jung’s “shadow work” where we’ll be uncovering how to recognize and attune where you may be out of alignment with the full-spectrum human you were born to be. 
In call number three, we’ll tackle a crux for creating and keeping the love you want, in our in depth look at “relationship attachment styles”. This method, being a coveted theory among psychologists, will grow your awareness of how you relate in love, and especially in conflict... bringing you toward deeper and more blissful unions, as well as a more secure way of relating.

In our last call, we’ll be teaching you “the 4 principles of authentic leadership”, giving you explicit wisdom on how you can embody integrity in a way that’s attainable and undeniable!
Each of these 4 calls will all end with an anonymous Q&A opportunity to make sure nothing is left unanswered and you receive the support you deserve while on your journey to the throne.

Now that may seem like a lot of content to cram into 4 weeks, but we’ve worked hard to make this material easily, digestible, and applicable.
We’ve gathered everything we’ve learned through working with men; supporting and facilitating as they reach for growth and achieve their goals. We’ve refined a course chalked full of deep insights, knowledge and experiential modalities that provide a succinct and effective way to liberate yourself into the man you came here to be! 

But it gets even better than that. We’re also giving you multiple free bonuses as a welcome gift. We genuinely want you to receive life-altering results from this course, so when you sign up for Awakening the King Within you’ll receive these free bonuses:
-access to an exclusive, in-depth session with one of the top experts in the field of Jungian psychology
-a comprehensive instructional video where we teach you how to breath like a KING!
This being one of our most powerful tools for men to manage anxiety, calm anger, and even resolve common issues like Erectile Dysfunction
-Learn how to MASTURBATE LIKE A KING through our pleasure practice building method for getting you more in tuned with your body, increasing your ability to give AND receive pleasure! Mercedes will walk you through this process with a 35 min video!
-a stream of consciousness journaling practice to get you on your way to uncovering your truth! This is one of the most critical tools in our arsenal for accessing your own subconscious in efforts to understand yourself and your unique path and gifts better.
-access to a privately recorded discussion with a drug addict turned award winning three-time CEO on how great leaders live like drug addicts do, and on what it takes to be a man of integrity, embody your purpose, and live a life of magnitude!
-and, lastly, a lengthy resource list, specifically curated for men, of our most recomended books, podcasts episodes, tools, and therapy modalities for helping you enhance and integrate all you’ve learned! 

These bonuses will help you well on your way to Awakening the King Within! We truly believe these bonuses alone have the opportunity to transform your life! 
While offering you all of this value alongside the four live calls, which will be the main meat of the course, we KNOW this workshop is extraordinarily underpriced! Look, we know what we’re offering here is literally priceless since so much of it is about growing your own SELF-WORTH! But we feel so passionate about this course, we want every man to be able to join us on this journey, and for that reason we’ve been careful to make Awakening the King Within affordable & accessible, however, we think it important to consider this an investment in your self growth rather than an expense. So, with that: you can join our course for a one-time payment of two hundred and twenty two dollars! Yep, 2-2-2; A sacred number that, in the esoteric/metaphysical community, actuality represents “divine union”. 

Alright, so all you need to do is click the button under this video to sign up for Awakening the King Within.
You’ll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form. You will then get instant access to those bonuses! 

Another thing you’ll get instant access to is the member area where you can set up your own username and password. And we’ll also send you a welcome email with the course schedule and access details, so you can get started on your journey right away!

The course is going to begin soon, so time is a factor. Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and the course will start a few days later. It’s also important to note that our waiting list is already filling up, and spots are limited... 

Not to mention the 11 million people on our combined social media are hearing about this launch... 

Sooo, if you’re ready to bravely go where few men have gone before, prepare to act now by clicking the button below this video to sign up for your journey to the throne, and take charge of your destiny as you: Awaken the King Within!
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